Valentine's Dinner Gala

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with us at a
Vegan Dinner Gala & Fundraiser
at the beautiful Shumei America Center
in Pasadena, California

Savor an organic, seasonal, vegan feast that’s farm-fresh to table. Our very own acclaimed French Chef Patrick Grosset will delight you with his culinary magic, infusing into every bite his extensive knowledge of plant-based foods that are both nutritious and umami delicious.

- Menu -

Hors d’oeuvres - Pâté de lentilles
French lentil pate with crispy carrot chips.

Hors d’oeuvres - Tartine campagnarde
Sourdough bruschetta with black pepper cashew cheese and savory onions.

Appetizer - La Fête du Jardin
A garden party of four creations, featuring cabbage, beet, yam and radish dishes to awaken your appetite.

Soup - Soupe à L'oignon
French onion soup with melted mochi topping.

Main Course Dishes - Chiffonnade de Choux Vert
Massaged kale in an almond cream dressing.

Pavé de Riz
Celtic salted thyme baked rice with a carrot ginger sauce.

Potiron au Four
Baked kabocha squash stuffed with a layering of garbanzo bean hummus, spaghetti squash and red peppers.

Gâteau à la Banane
Banana cake with cashew cream, berry sauce and chocolate drizzle.

A Great Holiday Deal!
Scrumptious appetizers, dinner, dessert, drinks, beer and wine included for a low prix fixe of only $75. 

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Plus, be entertained by local artists – Anita Coats and Harvey Sid Fisher will be delighting us with their musical talents.

Singles, couples, family and friends coming together to celebrate the season of love - please join us!

Valentine's Dinner Gala
Tuesday, February 14th
6pm - 10pm


Shumei America Center
2430 East Colorado Boulevard
Pasadena, California 91107

6pm - Doors open
6-7pm Happy hour
7pm Dinner
8-10pm Entertainment

Register today for one of the best Valentine’s Day deals in L.A. & support a great cause!

The Vegetarian Educational Institute
is a nonprofit organization dedicated to broadening knowledge of a plant-based diet for a happy, healthy life. Proceeds from this event support VEI’s educational programs.

Gala in San Diego Pictures

We have lots of pictures to share of our "Naturally Healthy Holiday Dinner Gala & Fundraiser" at Gold Mine Natural Foods...

Naturally Healthy Holiday Dinner Fundraiser & Gala REVIEW!

by Chuck Lowery, Deputy Mayor of Oceanside, California
As an elected official, I’m invited to many such fundraising events and the most unpredictable part of the whole evening is the meal. I always request in advance a “vegan” dinner. It fits right in with the gluten-free, vegetarian, wheat-free, you name it, meals. The chefs simply plan one meal that fits all categories and it’s usually very good… if they remember to make it.

The VEI Gala/Fundraiser completely removed that problem by publishing their menu weeks ahead. Take a look at the offering here on the menu link.

I counted four trained chefs in the kitchen and noticed eight others helping with check-in, prep, serving and cleanup. The shopping had been done in advance so when they started working at 7:00AM for the evening dinner, they were ready. Every menu item featured it’s French name, reflecting the skill set of the Euro-trained Executive Chef. As the appetizers rolled out of the kitchen, I brought up the menu on my phone to review. Needless to say, the meal was exquisite. Two appetizers, a bisque, four courses including green rolls, cauliflower au gratin, marinated tempeh, and glazed millet loaf. Two desserts, which I squirreled away for the next day.

One friend stated… clearly… "This is the best food I’ve ever eaten!” I agreed with her.

Several guests anticipate similar, though less extravagant, meals at the upcoming Summer Retreat 2017, Camp Sylvester at Pinecrest Lake. I will be among them.

Meanwhile, my personal cooking has been more inspired since the gala. I learned to use the same ingredients as always (fresh, organic, local, farm-to-market) in a somewhat revitalized way. More fun choosing, cutting, cooking veggies. More variety of whole grains (millet, brown-red-black rice, oats.) More patience eating my meal. Talk about a win-win.

I look forward to the next VEI Gala/Fundraiser but can’t imagine how the menu can get any better. Kudos to all involved for making this event such a success.