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Check out the classes our teachers offer and their personalized services that are available during your camp stay.

Please note all additional camper services include personal fees directly payable to the practitioner.

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Patricia Becker - Kathleen Brannan Brown - Lance Brown - Mike Chen - Sheri DeMaris, M.Ed - Jeanne Grosset - Ronald Koetzsch - Mary J. Lore - Tim Martinez - Saci McDonald - Jessica Porter - Ginat Rice - Sheldon Rice - Shirley Tung

Patricia Becker

"Yoga for Health and Joy"
Alignment Based Hatha Yoga for you to enjoy getting to know your body better. Yoga is a fabulous health tonic for people of any shape, size and age.  As long as you can breathe and smile, you can come to our yoga classes. Learn to find the balance between effort and ease as you stretch and strengthen. All classes will have options for beginners and intermediate students. Create and maintain your "Health and Joy" by practicing breath awareness i.e. yoga every day. 

Client Services
One-on-One Yoga Classes with Patricia Becker is a great way to find relief and heal your body of postural misalignment, injuries, repetitive movement stress and back pain. Small changes can make big improvements. Why suffer any longer? Self-Care is Your Best Health Care.

Patricia Becker is a Professional Yoga Instructor with many years of Yoga Therapeutic Training and experience. She has private clients in Palo Alto, teaches yoga at special events and is a part-time Yoga Instructor for Stanford University's Health Improvement Program. Patricia is a long time passionate macrobiotic counselor, cooking teacher and practitioner who includes the macrobiotic principles in her one-on-one yoga sessions, as needed.

Price- normally $130 for 75 minutes.
Retreat Participant Special $110